A Moment with the Bible

Matthew 9:27-31

Matthew records nine miracles in chapters eight and nine proving the authority with which He spoke in His sermon on the mountain. However, we must not simply be awed by the power of Jesus, we must look beyond and see His character; we must see in Him the true nature of the God we serve. Our God is compassionate, seeking those who are seeking Him.


Look at the scene. Two blind men followed Jesus. They are blind but they see more than many. “Son of David” denotes that they recognized Him as the Messiah. Jesus did not immediately respond, but that did not discourage them from continuing to follow and cry out. Do not miss this point. The faith of these men was not casual; it was persistent and unwavering. That is exactly the kind of faith we must have. Too many are casual seekers, giving up easily at the first sign of difficulty. But Jesus’ demand is that we strive diligently to enter the kingdom; casual seekers will not enter (Luke 13:24).


One touch and their eyes were opened. The next words of Jesus are, “See that no one knows it.” Interesting, isn’t it? He told them to say nothing, but not even the command of Jesus could stop them from spreading His fame. Indeed, who could keep from sharing with others how their eyes were opened? And yet, every Christian has been given more than these two men. Every Christian has been given sight. We know the future. We know the Judgment that is coming. We know the great mercy we have been given. But do we feel the same burning desire to share with others the salvation the Lord has given us? Two blind men are commanded to tell no one, but they spread His fame abroad. We are told to tell everyone, but too often we remain silent.