A Moment with the Bible

Matthew 11:25-27

This chapter began with Jesus taking a tour of Galilean cities in order to bring the gospel to the common people. However, it is evident by verses 20-24 that most of the people were unimpressed and unrepentant. In Mark 6:5-6 we are told that Jesus marveled at their unbelief.

In the text before us, Jesus reveals why some reject His teaching and some accept it. In light of the rejection He has just experienced, Jesus breaks into a prayer of praise, thanking God that He has revealed His will to “little children” but has hidden it from the wise and intelligent. It is at first a curious statement, but once we understand it, we too will break into praise.

What if God had revealed His word in such a way that only those who had superior intelligence could understand it? What if He had revealed His word in such a way that only those who had superior abilities could respond to it? In that case, the Lord would have left the rest of us out, and those who could understand it would be lifted up with pride. In such a case, the glory would not be given to God, but glory would be given to those who through their superior thinking skills were able to see what no one else could see.

But that is not what the Lord did. Instead, He revealed His word in such a way that only the humble in heart would respond to it. This could include people from all walks of life, whether super intelligent or just a commoner. The key to understanding the will of the Lord is to recognize that there is nothing within ourselves that will enable us to see the “deep things of God” or save us from our own sins. A person may have the education of a microbiologist or a brain surgeon, but such will not help him be reconciled to God from whom he is separated because of sin.

It is to humble people, those who mourn over their sins and seek God through His revealed word, that Jesus has “willed” to reveal the Father.