A Moment with the Bible

Matthew 11:28-30

Jesus praised God for revealing His will to little children instead of the wise and understanding. Following this, He gave one of the most quoted and beautiful invitations in the scriptures. Jesus appeals to those who are “weary and heavy laden.” Living a life serving self (and therefore, serving Satan) is one of hard bondage. Satan promises us that if we live our lives to the fullest by seeking all the pleasures of the world, we will obtain complete fulfillment. But the truth is that this world’s pleasures provide only a temporary happiness that results in a life of weariness and labor as the consequences of sin and seeking that which has no substance eventually takes its toll. Jesus has the answer. Coming to Him will give a person rest from the constant demands of lust and the promise that just a little more and you will reach your goal of complete contentment.

When Jesus says, “Take My Yoke,” He implies that the world has been pulling a difficult and heavy load. A yoke is intended to make the task easier. Jesus has formed His yoke to perfectly fit our needs. “His yoke” also implies that we are entering into a partnership with Him in His labor. We are working jointly with the Lord to expand the borders of His kingdom. The choice is clear. It is either serve the passions of our flesh, which results in a life of hard and difficult labor and ends in a waste, or we serve the Lord who has an easy yoke and a light burden and through it gives us rest for our souls.

Look carefully at these alternatives. Do not believe Satan’s lies that true living is found in fulfilling our own desires. Satan is a cruel taskmaster who has been a liar from the beginning. Jesus is a gentle Master. He is lowly in heart, not looking to harm us but to come to our rescue and bring us rest from the destructiveness of sin. Which master makes more sense?